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I had been waiting for Easy Deal Builder ever since I first saw the software being used to promote their first product. I thought what a great looking site.

I started to look all over the internet to see if Easy Deal Builder had been released. It hadn't, so I waited and waited until Friday morning when I received the email stating the launch had begun.

I couldn't wait, I didn't care what price they were selling it for, I was buying it. Then I find out they are selling it for a ridiculously low price. I would have paid $300 to $400 bucks for it.

I also picked up the multi-site version for another ridiculously low price. The Easy Deal Builder builds a sharp looking website for your deal, plus they give you 3 done for you deals ready to load up.

This is amazing. If I could afford the developers license I would get it. The Easy Deal Builder is the best product on being sold on JVZoo ever!

Shon Jimenez

- Over $11,000 In 48 Hours Beta Testing... WOW! -

Thanks for letting me Beta test this guys. So often big claims are made about the latest, greatest software tools and far too often the reality falls a long way short of the hype.

With Easy Dea lBuilder the truth is even better than the hype and after running a test with this I think the results speak for themselves - My first test resulted in over $11,000 in sales in 48hours. Amazing!

To anyone reading this get your copy now before they come to their senses and start charging what this is really worth.

Matt Callen

I was fortunate enough to be one of the beta testers of the EasyDealBuilder system. Not only was I able to test it, but I saw it's brute strength in sales conversions behind the scenes - through a real case study where in 7 days, over 1000 copies of a Wordpress Theme designer video course. Scarcity works and as I saw in this case, the countdown timer works extremely well.

And we all know why systems like Groupon and LivingSocial work, and often dream about owning such a system. Now you can own your own deal site! Create your own deals, use PLR products as deals, or even partner up with a product owner to run a deal!

EDB is more than a deal selling system, you can use it for resell rights products, and many other out of the box strategies!

Best of all it's backed by guys who I trust whole heartedly, that stand behind the quality of their work with integrity. And having been in this industry since 2003, I can't say that about a lot of marketers."

Stephen Luc

I just grabbed a copy of "Easy Deal Builder" and have spent time playing with it and creating some deals.

My opinion?

I LOVE this piece of software!

Out of the box, I found that "Easy Deal Builder" was SO easy to install any monkey could do it. (In fact, I did it myself... and contrary to what you might think, I am NOT strong in technical aspects of the web.)

This is the most valuable piece of software I have seen in a long time...I just set up a deal in under an hour!

Seriously... I can't believe how easy this is - you guys have done an amazing job on this one!

Joel Comm

- Great For Vendors AND Their Affiliates! -

Guys This Rocks! We're already seeing Eas yDeal Builder powered offers race up our best seller lists - A real 'must have tool' that's great for vendors and their affiliates and awesome for buyers who no doubt love getting all these great deals.

Bryan Zimmerman

Hey guys,

Just finished looking over Easy Deal Builder and all I can say is...


Lol, I’m not kidding guys, I absolutely LOVE it.

This is going to revolutionize the way people sell online... Seriously!

I love the way it’s sooooo simple to install and use, especially with the MOUNTAIN of features you guys have added.

I can’t wait to start adding my ‘deals’ and get my affiliates promoting them too.

Love, love, love it guys, CRACKING stuff :-)

Dave Nicholson

Want to create "daily deal" sites (ala Groupon) but without the hefty costs and technical skills associated?

Then you want to check out Easy Deal Builder. With this easy-to-use software, you can quickly and easily create daily deal sites to sell your own or affiliate products.

Yes you read that right! You don't even need to have a product of your own to profit.

As you're probably aware, daily deal sites are all the rage now -- consumers love shopping at this type of sites.

So get your copy of Easy Deal Builder now and start building your own daily deal sites to sell your own or affiliate products!

Welly Mulia

- We Love The Software! -

We love the software guys and having seen privately how successful it was during your beta testing we're stoked it's finally available for everyone to use - Congratulations on making this public and not keeping it just to yourselves.

Soren, Cindy and John

Simon & Jeremy are the masters of making things easy, now they're doing the same for us, letting us make it easy to sell more, and making it easier for people to buy from us...

I don't know where they come up with these ideas from, but I hope they keep doing it!

Matt Garrett

Hey Jeremy and Simon,

I've tested just about every 'deal plugin' and script I've come across, but no matter what, there always seems to be something wrong, or broken, preventing smooth sales and product delivery.

Easy Deal Builder was a DREAM to work with!

Upload and install took 5 minutes, and I had my first deal setup inside the hour. (It only took so long because I wanted to watch all of your videos so I didn't miss anything!)

My deal was for a product I already sell, and this deal has already produced dozens of sales in the first 24hours, with more on the way.

This has to be one of the FASTEST ways to build a BUYERS LIST!

I highly recommend anyone reading this to pick up a copy of Easy Deal Builder today - it will pay for itself on your FIRST deal!

(Maybe the BEST part about EDB is the deal export feature that allows you to sell rights to your products, and run JVs with others like NEVER before!)


Ken Reno

- Produce A Rapid Influx Of Cash -

Easy to install, simple to use yet more powerful than anything else to skyrocket conversions and produce a rapid influx of cash. Easy Deal Builder really is great and it gets my highest recommendation!

JP Schoeffel

- Makes Selling More And Working Less A Reality! -

Easy Deal Builder is a real game changer guys, it makes selling more and working less a reality.

I love how easy it is to use and the features you've added are all designed to squeeze even bigger profits from every offer someone runs.

10 out of 10, A+ and two BIG thumbs up from me - My top recommendation - just get a copy now!

Mark Thompson

Simon and Jeremy are literally Awesome,

Every single product from them just kills it and this one too. The best thing is that it is pretty damn easy to setup and every thing can be done quickly.

You can setup your own deal website even if you don't have your own products. and convert is into a complete affiliate site without anyone having to know about this..

Potential with this is huge. Get this one and get one step ahead of your competition. (At least until they also bought it LOL)

Rohit Thakur

I'm totally amazed by Easy Deal Builder - totally love it.

It's easy to set up, so you can easily create daily deal sites to sell your own or affiliate product within a short time.

People love getting deals (discounts)so this software will be a handy addition to your toolkit to help enhance your profits.

Simon and Jeremy have done an amazing job again!

Lester Lim

I have been following and using products that Jeremy and Simon produce. Easy Deal Builder is their latest creation and is very impressive. The system is quite simple and suitable for beginners in the world of internet marketing. Even the most suitable to those who do not produce their own products.

For me, EDB is the innovative idea, simple but great software. Everyone likes to get the offer, so the EDB is the solution.

I always look forward to a great software like this. Make sure you do not miss the opportunity to own this Easy Deal Builder software.

Ruzaimy Ismail

I don't care who you are, there is nothing better than a deal. Easy Deal Builder allows you to create your own daily deal sites in a snap.

I've never had a site like this before, I'm pretty sure after this I will have a ton of them though.

Nothing but the best from Jeremy and Simon, as always!

Dylan Kingsberry

This is an excellent product. I have been trying to make sales and bonus pages like this for years... and failed miserably.

Now, with the multi domain license, I can put up bonuses and super deals on all my sites.

I've already got it set up on one of my domains and am testing it. The results as far as appearance goes is EXACTLY what I've been striving towards for years.

Great job, and worth every single penny.

Can't wait till next month gets here so I can get the developers license. With that, the options expanded beyond belief as far as flipping my wp websites.

Allen Lundy

Really cool product and helpful video tutorials got a lot of use for this. This looks a very useful addition to my marketing strategy

Tony Tanner

I have bought many products from these "Web-Magicians" and I am continuosly impressed with the extreme simplicity and gorgeous layouts of the products.

Easy Deal Builder is very much in top of them all. I set up my websites in minutes after I bought the program, and they look way better than I've managed before...

Easy Deal Builder is so easy that it makes me look stupid, but I'm ok with that because I can use my saved time to promote more :)

Roy Smeds